'Hoorn van het wad' Oerol

Interactieve geluidsinstallatie

With nature as conductor, the audio installation is driven by the elements. The classical composition changes LIVE by the force and direction of the wind, by temperature, humidity, sun and clouds, barometric pressure....and comments are added by human presence.

A weatherstation monitors the elements and a large array of motion sensors in the almost hundred meter long installation 'De Passage' by Frans van der Horst, detects human presence in realtime. The sensors are communicating to a central computer over a full-duplex RS485 netwerk. The computer processes all variables and drives the full score with studio recorded clips by Jasper le Clercq, composed specifically for the festival and environment. Special care is taken to compose the audio into a classical piece that is harmonious and melodious. Algorithms add filters and effects and influence the sound image. All this combined creates an audio score that is unique to the moment, with sound sounding in and moving through the length of the installation.

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